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Florex International S.r.l.




Every market has its own philosophy and approach and only a precise knowledge of its needs and features allows to formulate a winning market penetration strategy. That's why in-depth market researches are a fundamental device to reach this goal. Florex operates with a systematic approach interviewing your most significant potential clients, accurately monitoring your competitors' positioning, activity, moves, pricing and distribution while providing the statistical and legal framework data.


In global business, to rely on the right partners and alliances is crucial for success. Florex can offer you a professional and systematic research of the business partner who can best fit your needs. Through Florex you'll be able to evaluate and choose among potential partners the one who can provide you with both best market access and local organisation facilities (production and/or sales). Thanks to a right partnership you will supply your company with valuable information and support for your success, reducing risks to a minimum and enormously expand your business possibilities.


A joint venture with the right partner enables you to skip most risks of a green field operation, saving time and therefore money, and getting valuable information on how and what to do. Florex can assist you in every step of a joint venture's creation, from the feasibility study, to the partner research, the foreign investment approval and to the legal constitution of the joint venture company. Florex can act as your consultant in negotiating the best agreement with your partners and in advising on the best location for the business. On top of this Florex can also set up the international tax planning and get for you the EU, Worldbank and other national and international incentives.


 Florex can guide you step by step through the jungle of decisions to find the right path to a successful investment. The experts which co-operate in Florex's structure are at your
disposal to face and solve the issues an investment in a foreign country implies. Florex can be at your side first in the decision inherent to the Investment itself: where, how, when and last but not least, with whom, providing you with Feasibility study, Timing, Cost Calculation and Financing. Then, once the decision is taken Florex can cope with the organisational side of the project, delivering Local Permits, Investment Authority approval, Local incentives approval and Legal assistance.



To buy or merge with existing business is the fastest way to expand your business, become global, get immediate advantage and synergy which can be extremely rewarding in the future. For you Florex will search systematically the companies most suitable to your project of merging or acquisition. After a preliminary market research, Florex will contact anonymously most of the interesting parties and submit you a group of candidates for your evaluation. In each country Florex relies on local partners which will do the due diligence on your behalf. Florex will then assist you to do the public offer, if it is a public company, or in the private transaction.


Florex can create for you your International sales network. The deep knowledge of the markets, of potential clients, competitors and of the distribution networks owned by Florex is at your service while building a sales network. Florex will select, contact and interview all potential agents and importers, get cross reference information for their reliability. Then the candidates will be introduced to your products: their reactions will be checked as well as their capabilities and intentions analysed. Your representative will be the winner among the short list of the best few which will be the outcome of the whole process.


Medium and long term vision, future moves of the competition, evolution of the consumers, of their needs and consequent change in the demand, fidelization of the target, forecast of the major technological evolution, allocation of future production organisation of R&D and sales: each of these subjects is a key priority when developing a global strategy for your company. Florex can help you to make a scenario forecast of the future market situation in which your company will act and suggest the right moves to win the global challenge.





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